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About Us

Our company specializes in remodeling, reconstruction and construction, whether commercial spaces, places of work and residences.

Building or renovating are challenges that we always face with commitment, combining the most current trends with the classic ones, through materials from different times and architectures. In order to take on this commitment, we have a multifaceted team able to achieve the goal, including in the least flexible deadlines.

In LUPAMI LDA, all professionals are working to make you a more comfortable and valued space, giving life to the project and build happiness.


What is Lupami?

Lupami works solely with specialized tradesmen trained to solve any difficulty with your property, from changing a light bulb to the most complicated problem.

Why choosing LUPAMI?

  1. LUPAMI’s focus is on solving its problems and concerns.
  2. After identifying the problem, we have activated all the necessary means so that it can be effectively and efficiently solved.
  3. The commitment we put into each work is taken as singular, treating your project with professionalism and dedication.

Are quotes paid?

Even for minor services, Lupami will provide you a quote free of charge.

Our System


Depending on the service, Lupami may charge an hourly fee or will provide you a quote, always considering your best interest.

How do I pay?

I can leave a check with our staff or transfer the money.

Who will you send to my property?

A properly identified member of our staff.

How are the services scheduled?

Our entire scheduling is made by one staff member, taking into account, first and foremost, your own availability and then, ours.

Customer service

We take our clients problems serious, so you can always expect a courteous service.

We offer a fair deal

Our price system is divided into: smaller jobs, the quotation is done on time; in larger jobs, we have a global budget in order to benefit the client.

Only what you need

We know how important it is for you to save your money. We will carefully assess your situation.

Network of contacts

No matter the size of your project, big or small, we believe that the following list is important for you:

  • Analyze each situation in great detail
  • Properly schedule all services
  • Deliver fair value of services
  • Handle your house or business with care
  • Fair prices
  • Qualified staff
  • Make sure we get it right first time.
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