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Our Services

CCTV – Sewage piping inspection & water leak detection

With camera system – CCTV it ́s possible to detect your problem in a fast and efficient manner, without breaking walls.

Minors Repairs and minor construction services

All the minor or emergency repairs your property may need, such as electrical malfunctions, keys and locks, blinds and so much more…


Emergency repairs, clogged pipes, leaks, replacement or refitting water taps, kitchens and bathrooms.

Flooring and maintenance

Washing, repair, waterproofing or replacement of indoor and outdoor flooring.

Swimming pool

Construção, instalação e manutenção de piscinas e equipamentos aquáticos.


Construction and maintenance of swimming pool.

Electrical repairs (indoor and outdoor)

Wiring, security systems, telephones and lightning.

Paintwork and insulations

Landscaping and gardening services

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